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E-TERM Landscape Fellowships awarded

Four fellowships for the E-TERM (Engineering, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine) Landscape Fellowship Programme have been announced. Dr Anthony Herbert, Dr Owen Davies, Mr Richard Harrison and Ms Sandhya Moise (pictures left to right) will begin their fellowships within the next few months.

Anthony will remain at the University of Leeds where he will focus on the use of acellular biological scaffold for anterior cruciate ligament replacement including patient stratification, scaffold/host interface optimisation and pre-clinical evaluation. Anthony will be collaborating with the NHSBT, an orthopaedic surgeon and the FDA.

Owen will be based between Loughborough University and the University of Birmingham collaborating with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and the Walter Reed National Medical Centre. Owen’s research will seek to understand the role of post-trauma inflammatory environment in the development of heterotopic ossification (HO) and used to develop an in-vitro diagnostic tool to predict those at risk of developing HO in a military and civilian environment.

Richard will be working between the University of Nottingham and Loughborough University and his research will focus on reducing the heterogeneity in pluripotent cell populations in an effort to improve yield from cell manufacturing platforms.

Sandhya will move from Keele University to the University of Nottingham, but will also spend time at the University of Sheffield and King’s College, London. Sandhya will focus on identifying and optimizing a delivery route of the immunomodulatory properties of stem cells. She will be using skin Graft-vs-Host-disease as a disease model to design and develop stem cell associated dermal dressings. Collaborations include academics at Loughborough and Keele Universities and Smith & Nephew.