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Shrine in honor of baptism - what to be guided by when choosing a relic?

A personal icon is a real treasure for a Christian. Contemplation of the peaceful and beautiful faces of Jesus Christ, the Immaculate Virgin, the apostles, the righteous and the martyrs gives peace and quiet joy, strengthens people in faith, and allows them not to stray from the righteous path astray. In front of such an image, you can express your innermost desires, confess your sins, and beg the Lord for mercy and support.

That is why every person should have a relic, which he will turn to in case of any complications, troubles and problems. And such a shrine can well become a dimensional icon. Recently, it has become increasingly common to give such products to the most important people for you - your husband or wife, your child, brothers, sisters, godchildren, and nephews. Our article, in collaboration with yantar.ua, not only explores the profound features and characteristics of these unique creations but also offers guidance on choosing the perfect dimensional icon to strengthen your spiritual connection and provide unwavering support in times of need.

The value of dimensional relics

The birth of children is the greatest joy for a family. Since ancient times, there has been a tradition of congratulating parents and the baby himself by giving them symbolic surprises - for example, an image of a respected deputy. At the same time, the size of the icon is absolutely identical to the height of the baby, which is why such shrines are called dimensional. What is the meaning of such gifts?

It is believed that when writing a relic, a special bond is established between a child and its heavenly representative, which is preserved throughout life. Thanks to this, a person will constantly be under the protection of the Divine power, avoid sins, temptations and deceptions, always act righteously and wisely, observing the commandments of Jesus. And when the earthly existence ends, the soul will be met by the Lord's messenger and lead it to the Heavenly Kingdom.

A measuring icon for a baby is created in a single copy according to an individual order, because this is the only way to get a product of the required height. Similar relics have other features. In particular, the figures on them are always shown at full height (in contrast to name shrines, where waist and shoulder images are allowed). In addition to the intercessor of the same name, the masters also paint the faces of the Mother of God, the righteous God-fathers Joachim and Anna, a guardian angel with a sword or a crucifix, and also especially revered ascetics - Nicholas the Wonderworker, George the Victorious, Good Friday, Panteleimon the Healer.

A peaceful icon is given to a person only once in a lifetime. As a rule, they are made before the child is three years old, but as an exception, a similar shrine can be ordered for an adult who has recently been baptized. To get a unique image, you should tell the master the height of the newborn and his name according to the church calendar, and he will do the rest himself.

For the Creator, all Christians are his dear, close children whom he guides and protects at any age. Therefore, the icon should always accompany a person, constantly illuminating your life path with the light of faith, hope, love and grace!

Location of relics - rules and tips

It is necessary to remember that even the oldest and most famous shrine is only an object, and people endow it with deep meaning and amazing abilities, honoring it as a source of God's grace. Therefore, it is not enough to simply purchase a dimensional icon, it is also necessary to treat it accordingly. Christians learn this from childhood, when the baby is told about why the images look the way they do and not otherwise, how they are related to the text of the Bible and what meaning is encoded in the picture.

In addition, it is necessary to take care of the correct placement of the relic. Most often, dimensional shrines are hung in the children's room so that they constantly protect and protect your son or daughter. But even here there are nuances. Yes, the product must be at the level of the child's eyes, so that at any moment he can turn to his heavenly protector without hindrance. The icon can be located above the head of the bed, near the desktop or in a corner - the main thing is that there are no worldly objects nearby that will distract attention, and the space above it is completely free.

Sometimes images are placed in a glass cabinet (kiot) or on a special shelf. In this case, an embroidered towel or a clean white cloth should be placed under the shrine, and any figurines, pictures, photographs, posters, watches, technical devices, etc. should be removed from the field of view. It is permissible to keep only theological literature and drawings on sacred subjects nearby, but even they should not interfere with contemplation.

Make sure that the baby can always be alone for fervent prayer. It will not be superfluous to have a specially designated place for this. Thus, the child will more fully feel his inseparable spiritual connection with God, the Queen of Heaven, the eponymous saint and guardian angel, will rely on their will in everything, avoid sins and temptations. This feeling will remain throughout life, therefore, even when the time comes to appear before the Lord, a person will not fear or complain about fate - he will calmly and joyfully enter the invisible world, where there is neither pain, nor sadness, nor everyday problems.

For every Christian, a personal shrine is an extremely important and significant item. Prayer before her shows the right path, removes doubts and suffering, gives a feeling of pacification, peace, and grace. You can always turn your thoughts to a unique relic for comfort and support. Such icons heal even the most terrible diseases, prevent dangers, quarrels, and conflicts.

The wonderful power of the image will affect not only its owner, but also his family and friends, cultivating mutual tenderness, patience, sincere friendship and care. She will teach children to better understand and take into account their interests, strengthen family ties, prevent betrayals, show an example of selfless love, humility, meekness and attention. In addition, such shrines will protect you from ill-wishers, enemies, envious people, and demonic forces. They will make your home a real fortress where no evil can penetrate.

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