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Secrets and little tricks on how to wear a necklace correctly

A necklace is one of the most attractive and elegant accessories. It can completely transform a woman who decides to try it on, giving her style, sophistication, and nobility. Famous fans of earrings include Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone, Milla Jovovich, and Monica Bellucci. Necklaces were also loved by the trendsetter Coco Chanel, who made them the highlight of many collections. But the use of beads is not limited to catwalks of fashion designers - on the contrary, a carefully selected string will perfectly fit into your usual outfit. It is only necessary to know how to wear a necklace in such a way that it emphasizes the advantage of your appearance.  Explore a stunning array of necklaces at ukrburshtyn.com to discover the perfect piece that resonates with your individuality.

Today there are many varieties of beads, which are distinguished not only depending on the length and characteristics of the beads, but also on the material used for production. This should always be taken into account when choosing a decoration - what will look good on a picnic may not be appropriate in the theater or at a formal dinner. But there is a win-win option - this is an amber necklace. It looks original, fresh, but at the same time not very noticeable, thanks to which they can be combined with different and unexpected outfits. Also, this gem has a wide variety of colors, which allows you to combine jewelry with an outfit of any color type. It is extremely durable and has a positive effect on the human body, generously sharing its energy.

Fashion designers developed the following classification of beads based on their length:

  • collar necklace Most often, they consist of three short threads, tightly covering the throat, but there are also models with four and five threads. They are traditionally worn with evening dresses, especially those with a boat neckline.
  • necklace "under the throat". One of the most classic options that Marilyn Monroe loved. They are almost universal, as they are suitable for both an office trouser suit and a dress.
  • medium length necklace. They are combined with dresses, blouses or blouses that have an oval or round neckline. Most often, two threads contrasting in color are worn.
  • chest-length necklace. A practical option that emphasizes the oval of the face and neck. Such an ornament can be seen everywhere - from a party to a business meeting.
  • long necklace This model is currently at the peak of fashion. Many of their varieties have been developed - monolithic, with inserts, single- and multi-row, made of different materials, etc.
  • Chanel necklace. Named after its famous inventor. This is a very long string that goes around the neck several times, is tied in knots or moves to the side, breaking the symmetry - in short, it allows you to show your imagination and creativity.

Note that you can buy an amber necklace of the length that will best emphasize your appearance. This will avoid awkward situations when, for example, too short necklaces create the visual illusion of fullness. In addition, they will look good with different styles of clothing, you just need to remember a few general rules:

  1. business dresses will complement inconspicuous amber beads of medium length;
  2. things in a sports style are better combined with amber pendants or a necklace on a waxed cord;
  3. the casual style allows you to choose jewelry from small amber plates and products from massive beads;
  4. long strings of amber beads can complement both an evening outfit and a long boho skirt.